Conscious End-of-Life Doula Care

A Loving Approach to Death & Dying

Conscious End-of-Life Doula Care

A Loving Approach to Death & Dying

Are you prepared for the Sacred Passage ahead?

You are not alone.

You want to ensure your loved ones are being held and comforted by a compassionate presence during the threshold of death and dying.

As an End of Life Doula, I am honored to sit beside you or your loved one in support of a peaceful and conscious transition.

My Services include: Advanced Care Vision Planning, Compassionate Care, Vigil Care, Rituals and Ceremony all restoring death to its sacred place in the mystery, beauty and celebration of Life. I serve the Durango Area and Four Corners Region.

Blessings! I'm Christine, your Holistic End-of-Life Doula

I understand that supporting our loved ones and maintaining self-care at End of Life can be overwhelming for an individual/family. As a CDI Certified End of Life Doula, I have embraced my Soul's calling to honor and support sacred transitions for several years. I provide loving nurturing care for the body, mind and soul during the entire dying process.

Through heartfelt conversation, divine intuition, an array of healing approaches and spiritual resources I am that trusted guide. I have directed life transformational retreats for over 15 years and volunteer with Hospice and LIfeSpark in CO.

- Christine

Holistic End-of-Life Doula Services

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed and anxious around an imminent Death? Are you seeking to bring comfort and peace to your loved one throughout the Dying process? With me as your guide, you'll be able to truly rest in the beautiful, meaningful moments you'll spend with your loved one before their passage.


Vision Map for your Transition

We will create a beautiful vision for your Sacred Transition. This usually looks like a 3-month end-of life care plan that
focuses on your practical care & comfort, spiritual awareness, emotional completion, and life review.


Conscious End-of-Life Doula Care

You or your loved one will receive Compassionate Care by receiving comforting holistic modalities: Presence, relaxation, reiki, meditation, breathwork, light massage, movement, vibrational sound healing and calming practices.


Vigils & Rituals for End-of-Life Care

Honoring your loved one through a Sacred Vigil and Ritual creates lasting memories that will comfort your heart and soul for the rest of your life. Designing those last moments beautifully to create a softer landing for all.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out via email or book a call with me.

I was recently featured in the Durango Herald on my work in death & dying

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End -of-Life Doula Reviews

"Christine provided the missing soul care my father needed at the end of his life. She spent hours at a time with him and bore compassionate witness as he reeled both physically and emotionally from a sudden, catastrophic diagnosis. Christine encouraged him to explore the parts of his life that were most meaningful and to revisit what most brought him joy. During his final days, even as his awareness and language faded, we could read the ease on his face after Christine's visits. We are infinitely grateful for her skill, creativity, and loving presence."

- Aimee Eckhardt

"My Vibrational Healing session with Christine was one of the most peaceful, relaxing and insightful experiences I’ve ever had. Your soul will be filled with light and joy".

- Jules H. Retired Nurse (Canada)

"I feel like my heart has expanded and I feel compassion towards all things in life and deep peace in my soul. Christine provided the perfect balance of nurturing and guidance that created a sacred space for healing and creation.”

- Lori H. DHM (Doctor of Holistic Medicine)

"Creating the 3 Month VisionMap with Christine provided a sense of how important it is to plan a sacred transition. The experience dissipated much of the fear and beliefs about the dying experience. I gained a new perspective on what is important to finish my life’s journey in a higher state of being. Although not actually facing an EOL timeline, it helped me prioritize essential completions as I move towards the final chapters of my journey!"

- Aimee Eckhardt

"The End of Life deserves as much Beauty, Care, and Respect as the Beginning."

- Anonymous

Durango End of Life Death Doula Care Guide

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